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Tied Together is a 2-4 player local co-op party game about lab monsters, challenged by the beautiful outdoors. There is one catch, the monsters are physically tied together by a rope. Because of this, the players must to show some serious cooperation and coordination skills in order to achieve.


You know the saying: a chain is as strong as the weakest link? Let’s find out who is trolling your team into the many spikes and lava streams. Exposed? Just kick him along with you! Play the game, available in the Nintendo shop now!


Tied Together is developed for Nintendo Switch and Steam, by, for and with passionate gamers. Join our community on Discord and follow our Social Media channels to be the first one notified about the release!


Hey! These folks want to have your attention. Don’t keep them waiting for you on your Nintendo Switch. There are thrilled to be challenged again but are in need of your and your friends help. Game on? Let us first introduce them to you: these are Taz, Izzy, Eppo and Dabber. Pleased to meet you!

player1 - Taz





This little man is praised for always looking happy. He doesn’t even know what his grunting means but boy, who cares as long as it sounds as a cute Frenchie? Don’t you want to play with this ginger like forever? His snoring is so addictive!

player3 - eppo





Precisely when this green creature saw way too much, the clock stroked midnight. What she saw and heard that day, she can’t tell anyone about. Though, her face says it literally all. Over and over again. When will this end?






Eppo, Eppy, Ep. This one won’t argue you. This mediocre monster is way too busy liking butterflies and wondering why. Sometimes it looks itself in both the other eyeballs and realizes there is nothing else in the world which is so satisfying as its thoughts, butterflies, the wind and seesaws.

player4 - dabber





Just don’t bother him, ok? If you troll him, he will troll you twice as much. Very competitive, but lazy. Super negative, but calm. Looks slow, but don’t test him. Handsome, but not taken care of. Especially his teeth. Those are blunt, yellow and smelly. His personality is a cocktail filled with trouble. Lay low, our friends!




Tied Together has been nominated for several awards and won various prizes. Thank you for voting!

Indie prize 2018 – top 4

AirConsole Game Dev Contest 2016

Indigo Award 2016

Nominee Indie prize 2016

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