Let the tale begin…


Tied together with Izzy, Eppo and Dabber, Taz is challenged by the outdoors while being monitored and tested by silly scientists. He and his fellow lab monsters are created by them and have to undergo lurid challenges together to test whether or not they can stand on their own feet. Or in their case, lay on their belly of course. If they manage to fight the challenges while being tied together, this couple of unregulated creatures will reach the ultimate but unknown goal. Only the scientists know how this tale ends. But, we can tell you one thing: Taz will definitely look happier than you’ve ever seen! – Is that even possible?! BBRRRLRLLL!


  player1 - Taz player3 - eppo player1 player4 - dabber


The monsters all have their own level of willingness to face challenges (or not, right Dabber?!), but they do not know they are monitored and tested in the meantime. They have no idea how many challenges they have to overcome and how to succeed. There are so many questions for them. “Why is life so difficult? Why are we tied together and how is life without a rope?” Having their difficulties, the lab creatures cherish hilarious moments together. How fun is it kicking Eppo into the lava while she is looking in her own wrong eyeball? Or Izzy, who’s anchoring for no reason. She probably saw a ghost – Izzy’s ghost! Her response to some challenges are foolish. Hopefully Dabber will not be mad about her. Despite being a negative bum, he became attached to his buddies. GRHMPF!


Crazy bunch of characters they are… What we all wonder is what happens next when they managed to reach the finish. Will they still be tied together? What will be their reward? Will they be set free and if so, how does their freedom look like? Taz and his squad will only know when trying until the bitter end. Game on!

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Silly scientists start tied together



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Lurid Challenges!

Once upon a time… four creatures were tested while being tied together. Silly scientists called for lurid challenges and Taz, Izzy, Eppo and Dabber needed to face these no matter what. They never have received the levels presented on silver platter and have always entered the challenges ignorant. Up until now… They endeavor to rock the levels!


Our colorful friends have seen some levels already and Eppo figured  out some consistency. We guess that happened because of its extra eyeball. It sees it all. The levels show some serious themes. Only one knows whether or not there will be more. Lava, windmills, balloons, spikes, wind and trampolines. Let’s see what the lab monsters have found out about it.

level challenges

Lava. So hot! Despite it is super appealing and makes you long for tomato soup straight from grandma’s pot, you’d better get around it. We invite you to picture grandma’s boiling tomato soup filled with hot peppers. Got it? Don’t come close.


Yikes, those spikes. Imagine walking right over it without having legs, let alone feet. Our guys only have a belly and we assure you, plenty of hearts will be shown when you touch these obstacles.


Well, aren’t the balloons cute? As long as they carry you over the lava and spikes, you’re good. Otherwise we pray for you for having some friends who pull you through the level. Bonding time!


Windmills. Same story. Let’s continue, shall we? Next!


As light as a feather, let your character be blown away by the wind. But keep your character in control, because Izzy is not ready to say goodbye  “UREHIIIIIIIIW”. Did she see her own ghost this time..?


Fun they are, trampolines. Using them certainly result in an adrenaline kick while jumping on it. It’s even addictive. Haven’t you been enjoying trampolines for like forever? Well, these have an expiration date set for you if you are sloppy.


Have you figured out how to face the challenges best? Share your experiences on the discord server and get praised or helped by the Tied Together developers and fellow fans!



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The benefits of our friendship

BBRRRLRLLL. Howdy! nice to meet you. I am Taz. The release of the game I play in, Tied Together, is approaching fast. YEY! I am way too excited to play with you! Can’t you wait either? I found out a way to play together sooner…

player1 - Taz


But first, I want you guys to know a bit more about me as much as I want to learn about you! If we are going to play together, I think we should at least be friends. You dare to be a friends with a monster? And, do your parents allow you..?


Because yes, I am a lab monster. I was not born, but created by some silly, smart scientists. They did not give me any hands, legs or freedom. I move forward via my belly, being tied together by a rope to some other lab creatures. It tickles! You might somehow pity me, but I actually like it. I am a happy monster, BBRRRLRLLL! You see, I have great creatures close to me.


My favorite activity is being together with friends, teasing them and to have tons of good fun. But if you mess with me or being egocentric, I make you the worst lava swimmer the Olympics has ever seen. Ohh, slap!


Still want to be buddies? Ready to challenge your parents? And for my snoring? Then, follow Tied Together on social media, let’s take pictures together and show the world what a dare devil you are because of us hanging out together! That’s what friends do, right?


So, if you show me you are worth our friendship, you actually make a shot on winning Tied Together for Nintendo Switch! More info in Win the game. Be ready for our selfie! BBRRRLRLLL!



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Let’s celebrate!

Ohw mates! WOOHOOO! The moment is finally there: we are allowed to play together!


Have you found us in the Nintendo e-shop already? Well, that is the place where we are now imprisoned. Come find us and release us for only €14,99. You, hero!


You can also find us online. Click here to go to the Nintendo Switch website and select your country.





Out now on Nintendo Switch!



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